My thoughts coming up onto Election Day…

I’m sure everyone has heard about this Corker/Ford race here in Tennessee… I won’t care to disclose this, I do not intend to vote for either of them. If all they can do is sling mud back and forth to each other, than neither of them deserve my vote.

But the one issue that concerns me is this damn marriage amendment to the state constitution. I know I’m voting no, Greg is voting no, and several of my friends are voting no, but what will the rest of the state say? I bet that all the religous hate mongers who preach from the pulpit have gotten all the white haired old ladies and grumpy old men to go out to the polls and skew the numbers to get it passed. I guarantee you that’s what will happen, the polling place will resemble a dining room at KFC.

I guess I’m just about to lose my faith in democratic government. But I haven’t given up yet, stay tuned…

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  1. And that’s what irritates me about religion in this country. Too many religious folks try to use their status to bully others into seeing their way. Sometimes, I think the religious folks are just as corrupt as the politicians.

  2. That’s why independent status is best. 🙂

    In positive news, the possibility of marriage in NJ is getting closer and closer every month it seems. They already voted for exact civil unions, as opposed to partial civil unions (ie, now we’ll be able to hand down things like social security in event of a partners death). The only thing that they are having a fit with is using the term “marriage”.

    Half say, “Exact same rights, but don’t use the word”, the other half say, “exact same rights, use the word”. We’ll have an answer I think in January if not sooner.

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