First Post of 2007

So, I guess it’s time to blog for the first time in the new year, hope everybody had a prosperous and happy holiday season.

It’s offiical, vacation is going to be March 3rd through the 11th. Here is the tentative itinerary so far for me and Greg:

Friday March 2nd- Depart from Johnson City to LA, hopefully get there on Sunday the 4th

Monday March 5th- Go to Price is Right (early or late taping, doesn’t matter)

Tuesday March 6th- Sightsee anything around LA/Hollyweird

Wednesday March 7th- Depart LA by plane to VA Beach to meet John and Mike

Thursday March 8th through Sunday March 11th- In VA Beach with John and Mike

Sunday March 11th- One day drive home to JC


Two words: Boise State. Wow. Un-fricking-believeable. Anyone involved in sports is calling this possible the greatest game ever played. It’s hard to give it that much status in history, but it’s pretty damn close.


And I fell one game short of the final in the NBSFL. Oh well, it was a good run, not a bad season at all.

‘Tis all for now.