Man, did I get wasted last night, hehe. Having a bad job will do that to you. In fact, I’m now more determined then ever to quit my job at some point this week.

Greg is going to come over today, and me and him are going to go research some at Sherrod Library here on campus for my research paper due this week and my persuasive speech in Public Speaking. Man I’ll be glad when all of this writing is over and done with.

Thinking about eating somewhere nice today too… who knows, maybe I’ll settle for McD’s. πŸ˜€

Updates on papers to come…

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  1. You got wasted? I don’t REMEMBER last night except that I woke up alone and without a girl’s toes in my mouth. (Certainly not the first time!)

    Did you get any action? Any guys to your liking?

    • Getting wasted felt good, but I had no need to get action, as I am dating Greg and we “get it on” regularly πŸ˜›

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