The Fragility of Life

The dates of April 6 to April 12th, 2024 are dates which will remain etched in my consciousness forever.

Let’s rewind a little bit before that. In the roughly week and a half prior to April 6, I started feeling more and more ill every day. Lots of sweats, fever, nausea. My appetite wasn’t what it should be. Just a general feeling of… well… being sick.

At first we thought it was side effects of a prescription I was taking. Come to find out later that it wasn’t that.

By the time Saturday, April 6 came, Greg made a decision that this wasn’t going to get better on its own and took me to an Emergency Room. They discovered that I had an infection going on inside me and admitted me to the hospital.

For personal reasons, I am not going to go into detail in this public facing blog post as to what was going on inside me. That knowledge if for trusted individuals only. Suffice it to say that it was very much something that could be brought under control.

The days following my hospitalization were a struggle. Gaining strength back, getting back into a normal daily routine, etc. etc.

Here we are, April 30, 2024, about 18 days since being discharged from the hospital. I have done several follow-up appointments since, my numbers have improved but are still not all the way there. Things will improve.

I really wish I could tell you what led up to all this and what it is. However, I can’t take the chance on a public facing blog such as this. It’s the kind of information you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands or keep you from being hired in a future position that I don’t know about yet. I’m sure you, the reader, will understand.

Thanks for all of your kind thoughts and support no matter who you are.