What a Weekend!

Our four-day weekend was very eventful, to say the least.

Friday night, we went to the Plaza Theatre near Midtown to see a performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, called “Lips Down on Dixie”, that is unlike any you can experience in a lifetime.  The show is welcoming to LGBT people especially to give them a place to go and have a good time without the pressures of a club or bar.  Not only is the traditional heckling of the film going on during the film, but a variety of just wonderful people are up on stage in front of the screen performing the film as well in front of you.  There were also fun things before the movie to really get the crowd loose and turned on.  The hosts (named Nik [ironic, huh?] and Candace) had great chemistry.  It certainly is quite raucous and fun.  We had a great time and want to go be in that audience again.  If you’re ever in Atlanta and need something to do on a Friday night, go see this show, you’ll have a blast!

The highlight of Saturday was seeing my first soccer match in person.  This was an event I will cherish for a long time.  I said to myself, “I want to be a fan again!” after seeing Atlanta United FC in person.  I am rooting for them all the way.  Rain delayed the match a few minutes, but it didn’t hurt things.  I had such an awesome time.  I need more team colors before I go the next time. 🙂  They also beat Columbus Crew SC 3-1, in spectacular fashion.

Sunday, which was Father’s Day, we went to SunTrust Park, the new home of the Braves, to watch them take on the Miami Marlins.  The previous night, a friend of mine was there to watch them win in 10 innings on a walk-off hit.  They did it again on Sunday as well!  The experience was really mesmerizing.  I miss the Ted, but I think I will grow to like this place.

Let’s rewind a bit.  Thursday night as we were coming home from work to start packing, we noticed a very bad grinding noise coming from the car.  I determined very quickly that we were not going to drive the car all the way there and back.  I quickly got a reservation to rent a car from Enterprise the next morning and we drove that there and back.  It turned out to be the smartest move I could have made.

Monday, we took the car to the Hyundai dealership to have them look at it.  Turns out there was a lot going on in the front end and it was going to be well over $2,000 to repair it.  Given that the car is almost 10 years old, it would only be a matter of time before something else would probably go wrong with it as well.

As any smart person would probably deduce at this point, it was time to part ways with our car.  We surely hadn’t planned to do that.  I thank my lucky stars that we had a lot of money saved in the bank to where we were able to negotiate quickly, get a car loan and drive out in a new 2017 Hyundai Elantra in a matter of a few hours.  Check it out…

Pretty neat, huh?  While we weren’t planning on the prospect of having a car loan again so soon, everything will be OK.  It certainly beats sinking money into a car that was starting to slowly die a painful death.  I think, in the long run, that we did the absolute right thing in putting it out of its misery.

Note to self: Take more pictures!

We’re Back!

Me and my husband are back in Atlanta for 3 days.  After what happened the last time here, I surely think that we won’t see anymore Interstate bridges burning on live television.  The traffic, on the other hand, is just as bad as always.  But… that’s Atlanta for you!

If we move down here, that is what we will have to get used to.

I will be sure to blog about our exciting venture tomorrow, as we go to our first MLS game!  Atlanta United FC vs. Columbus Crew SC.

Sunday, Father’s Day, we’ll be at the new SunTrust Park for the last of a 3-Game series between the Braves and the Miami Marlins.  Hopefully nobody will fall and hit the dirt racing against the Freeze this time!


Trip Review

Tomorrow we head back home.  It has been a memorable trip, in more ways than one.  It goes without saying that, given the jobs that Greg and I are in, we are taking a trip to get away from the grind of Breaking News.  In this case, we took the Breaking News with us.

Who knew that the I-85 Collapse would happen the day we got here?  Fate just plays a strange game sometimes.  In this case, it was just mere coincidence.  It really didn’t affect anything we planned to do at all, nor did we think it would.  It just created a minor problem in the long run.

This trip still turned out to be a major success, and we have a story to remember for a LONG time.

Until June, Atlanta! Love ya!

Total Gridlock!

OK, so that post title was total clickbait.  Sorry.

But, after the collapse of the Northbound I-85 bridge yesterday, which happened to be the first of 4 days here in Atlanta for me and Greg, you gotta ask yourself, “Boy, did we pick a great time to come here or what?”

It will take a LONG time to get that section of both sides of the roadway fixed.  We are still managing to get around town OK.  It pays to use Google Maps and listed to traffic reports on WSB-FM 95.5… Depend on it.

Ugh, sorry, thought that was one of their promos.

If you are reading this and you live in the Atlanta area (and we just might be future residents ourselves), please take it easy on each other.  It’s not going to be easy to deal with this for the next few months, believe me.  If you are resilient and can work around the problems, everything will turn out OK in the end.

By the way, if you are looking for a comical solution to this bridge mess, this tweet I saw today was HILARIOUS.

Like I said…. hang in there.

Another Adventure

As I sit here typing this, we are about to embark on another adventure.  Destination: Asheville, NC.  We haven’t visited there for at least 5 years, I think it’s well overdue for a visit!

I am definitely going to go to some record stores while we’re down there.

By the way, did you know our music collection is mostly listed online?  No?  Well, go to this link and look at my collection on Discogs.

As I Look on the Horizon

As I look forward to next month, it’s trip #4 to The Big Apple.   This time is a bit different.  We’ll be driving up into Virginia, then taking Amtrak the rest of the way.  I have always wanted to take a train trip, and by golly, we’re going to do it.

Of course, I’ll be taking lots of photos, maybe I’ll dust off this blog once in a while and post some of them after the fact.

That is all. 🙂

The Rest of the Story

Visited the 9/11 Memorial. Very emotional experience being in such a historical place. Then we grabbed some lunch and walked over to Wall Street and saw the outside of the NYSE.

Next up: The Late Show with David Letterman at the Ed Sullivan Theater.

It was just so cool being in such an historic theater that is legendary to anyone who likes TV history. I mean, The Beatles played on this stage in ’64. Loved the atmosphere and the show. We were very fortunate to have tickets for this one considering Dave it retiring next year.

Thursday: Late Night with Seth Meyers, Studio 8G, Rockefeller Center

Another historic broadcasting venue. This studio served as home to the color years of Concentration and was home to Jeopardy! with Art Fleming, to name a few. The show was better than the last time I tried to watch on TV at home. 8G is a smaller studio but felt very comfortable and intimate. Had a great seat. In fact, there wasn’t a bad seat in the studio anywhere. Very enjoyable indeed.

Went down to Brooklyn to visit the street where Tony Manero (John Travolta) walked down in Saturday Night Fever. Took a very bad photo of myself strutting down the street, albeit more reserved than he was in the film. Ate at Lenny’s Pizza, the pizza place he grabs a couple of slices from in that famous opening.

The evening came, and we went to see Avenue Q at the New World Stages (50th Street)

I had always wanted to see a show in NYC. Even though this is an off-Broadway version of the famous play, I hadn’t seen it and had always wanted to. (Missed an opportunity to see it in Knoxville a few years back.) This show was magical, funny, witty and well worth the wait to see it. I can’t properly express in this blog post how much I truly enjoyed it.

Greg’s birthday dinner afterwards was something to behold! He picked the place: Carmine’s on 44th Street near Times Square. The catch of this place was that anything you order is enough for 2-3 people. Greg chose the spaghetti and meatballs. If one could compare a food experience to sexual orgasm, then OH MY GOD THIS WAS IT. So amazing!

Saturday: Long ass drive home.

Photos to come later this week.

The Trip So Far

This trip has been so much more than just Day 1 in NYC. The way up was nothing if not interesting as well. We decided to leave later and catch a room along the way to break the long journey up over two days this time, rather than try to do all the driving in one day.

Departure from Knoxville was at 11:45am. We drove up I-81, which entails a long, boring drive through Virginia. Between Marion and Roanoke, we hit a brick wall of traffic that put us at least two hours behind. We tried to get around it, but weren’t entirely successful. We finally made it out of Virginia around 8:00pm. We got a room just north of DC and close to Baltimore (Jessup, MD) and called it a night.

The next morning, we ventured out to get some breakfast. We pulled off an exit in West Baltimore. I was going though an intersection when all of a sudden, what I believe was a Ford Mustang charged through the intersection and would have hit us if I hadn’t uttered several four-letter expletives in a matter of seconds and reacted the get out of the way. Fortunately we were OK and nobody wrecked there. Of course, not far behind were the police. They didn’t almost hit anyone. It took me a few minutes to get my bearings completely back in alignment. Thankfully an Egg McMuffin did the trick. 😛

The journey continued up to Philadelphia. There was really only one thing I wanted to see in Baltimore, the famous Rocky Steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Modern Art. The Rocky Statue was there, although not in the location you saw it in in Rocky III. It was at the street level just off to the right of the steps. At the top there is a place marking where Sylvester Stallone stood in that iconic scene. I could hear “Gonna Fly Now” in my head and was playing that iconic moment of cinema history back in my mind as I was standing there. Then I had to do that post and had Greg take my picture.


We then ventured over into the Italian section of town and grabbed an authentic Philly cheese steak at was is purported to be the birthplace of the cheese steak, Pat’s King of Steaks. Boy, was it good. And you have to know how to order it when you get there, or you get sent to the back of the line. Cheese Whiz with for me! 🙂

We then ventured to NYC. When we got in, we started seeking out traffic reports on radio. We were taking the George Washington Bridge into town, which become the Cross Bronx expressway. We were due to arrive between 4:30 and 5:00pm. You would think we would have an easier time coming in because everyone would be going out, right? Wrong. There was an accident eastbound on the Cross Bronx which spilled the backup back onto the GWB. It took us at least 30-45 minutes to get over the GWB and then battling traffic to get to our hotel in the Bronx.

We arrived at around 6:00pm. We recovered then went down to Times Square and grabbed a pizza at John’s at 44th and 8th. Not bad pizza, even if the Diet Coke was very flat.

All in all, a very adventurous beginning of our vacation. More to come!

NYC Again

Next week, Greg and I are coming back to the Big Apple. We had so much fun back in April. Except this time, we planned the dates a little better.

Wednesday, September 3rd, look for us on CBS because we’re going to be at the Late Show with David Letterman!

Also, look for us on NBC on Thursday, September 4th we will be at Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Before you say anything, we tried to get tickets to The Tonight Show, but it’s a very hot ticket right now and Greg tried but couldn’t get any before they were all gone, which was in about five minutes of them going online earlier this month.

Pix of course will come in due time and maybe an update or two!

Day One – The Journey

Our trip was simple, I-40 East, then I-81 North through Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania, then I-78 East into NYC, the Lincoln Tunnel, through midtown Manhattan and into Queens and our hotel. The drive was fun, we never hit any traffic problems. The NYC traffic was about what you’d expect, colorful and plentiful.

Lots of honkin’ going on at toll booth lines. People sure don’t love to wait in the cash only lanes. 😛

Here are some pics to document Day One:

Me and Greg Leaving Home

Above: Me and Greg getting ready to leave our home in Knoxville.

Me and Greg at Our Hotel in Queens, NY

Greg and I after arriving at the hotel in Queens, NY.

Our First White Castle Spread

The Fast Food must: White Castle. Yum!

By the way, White Castle is WAYYYYYY better than Krystal can ever hope to be.

That’s all for now. More later!