Dystopia Here We Come

What else can I say on this insignificant blog that hasn’t already been said elsewhere?

I don’t need to link to anything here because you definitely know what has been going on in the last 30 hours before this post.

The clock is racing backwards in America (can we even call it America anymore?)

I personally am frightened. Literally. I. Am. Frightened.

You know what I am not going to let this do? Kill my hope. Hope that we can still turn this wayward ship around. There has to be something better on the horizon, right? Even though the waters look mighty dark now, hope has to be there.

Have I given you enough nautical references for one blog post? Yeah, we’re good.

Hang in there, reader. We’ll get through this together. We have got to keep believing that.

Warning: This Post IS About Justin Bieber

So you didn’t think I would let this one slip by, huh?

I’ll keep this very, very brief.

Deport his ass back to Canada.  Or, better yet, let’s send him to Mexico.  Yeah, Mexico.  Maybe he’ll fit in with the cartels that are in operation down there.  Or, still yet, how about Cuba?  Does he even have fans there?

All kidding aside.  I could care less for the jerk.  He’s a pretentious, ninny idiot with no talent.  And yet, that seems to get you all the money in creation these days.

Major RANT!

OK… would someone tell me if NBC is airing the Olympics or political coverage? It started during the coverage of the opening ceremonies on Friday night… there goes Bob Costas and Matt Lauer commenting on politics of countries as they parade through the track.

Then, I turn on NBC just now, and there is Mr. Costas again interviewing Dubyah about political crises and issues.

Is it just me, or did I think that the Olympic movement was about nations unifying together to compete in peace and such? Where the hell is the place for this kind of shit in an Olympic telecast? NBC can take their Olympic coverage and shove it.

That is all.

EDIT: Just for the record, I like Bob Costas very much, and think he is brave for even asking legitimate questions of Dubyah. I question the NBC decision makers.

You know what really grinds my gears…

In a thread on the haven of fanb0i love… golden-road.net… the discussion is about a new Price video game to come out in the future. Turns out several music cues have surfaced via this game. Someone asks for a particular piece, to which one certain BigJon (the programmer of one of the crappiest, buggiest, awful games ever to hit the Earth), says, “Oh, go check out my game, it’s in there.” If that’s not blatant advertising, I don’t know what it is.

And the sad thing… it’s allowed. Screaming, essentially, “Oh, go look at my game, it’s got what that game doesn’t have”. It’s allowed there. Are you honestly surprised?

Thank god for the Invision-ran Game Show Forum, where that shit won’t go down.


A Rant

Recent Price is Right contestants/audience members…

OK, these people who have been out in line for ridiculous amounts of time get on stage and make complete fools of themselves.

Case in point on today’s show, an old lady who had no clue at all. She played “Stack the Deck”. After she got the right price on the last set of products, she was then asked it she’d like to be told the first, second, third or fourth number in the car. She asked for the first, and it was given to her. Then she had the nerve to say she meant the third number. They actually let her change her mind! I think that S&P would have a nightmare over that. She ended up losing anyway. But, win or lose, that still should not have happened.

There were some other weird characters on the show.

And don’t get me started on the ridiculous t-shirts that have gone from bad to worse as of late.

I think I speak right here in saying that sleep deprived individuals do not make great contestants on this show. It seems lately as if everyone is a “hey, I’m on this show with Bob, not on The Price is Right” attitude. (If that doesn’t make too much sense, I understand).

I know I sat out in this line back on March 4th/5th, but it’s getting way too ridiculous as we approach Bob’s last show. They need to find a different way of ticketing and bad to eliminate the ridiculous wait.